Let's me capture moments

You've been giving your data away for free. Now, take ownership of what's rightfully yours.

LETSMEMO is a simple, creative app for those looking for an easier, more enriched way to capture their treasured memories. Built on decentralised storage technology (Storj), we are dedicated to data sovereignty and ensuring our users have full ownership of the content they create.

Our app is currently in private Beta (a.k.a super-secret-stealth mode!). So, join our community on Discord where we will be sharing news, app feature updates, and talking all things web3!

Safely capturing our lives beyond photos.

Curate what matters most

Call it your modern-day memory box. We’re not an algorithm. Only you know what moments you cherish in your phone, so bring them to life with a click or swipe.

Enrich your memories

We understand that memories are more than photos. Add your kids' doodles, a private joke or a voice comment from Grandma.

Your close circle

Life’s special moments are created with those we love. We give you total control over who you create and share your memories with.

Your privacy, our priority

Privacy is no longer unknown or scary. It's transparent and empowering. With decentralized storage and end-to-end encryption, your memories are safe with us.


‘Wellness’ is a present-day motto we live by. We are encouraged to eat healthy, live sustainably, sleep well and nurture positive mental health. But why is the same consideration not being put into digital wellness? Especially for our children. As parents, we are the guardians of our children's digital identities.

We believe our children have the right to choose who they want to be online and their data should be protected until they are old enough to make their own decisions. That’s the type of wellness we’re obsessed about at LETSMEMO.


I’m Eugenia, the Founder of LETSMEMO. I am passionate about building smarter and more private ways to create digital memories with our children; memories that last forever and do not expire after 24 hours.  Having lost both parents at a very early age, I have lived my entire life holding on to the few photos and stories I have of the two most important people in my life.  They are my most treasured possessions. I have no way of hearing their voices.  Once I became a parent, I found myself creating many digital treasures on my phones; treasures that were more than photos - voice notes, digital drawings, playlists, walks, etc.. I wanted to keep it all and find a way to curate these moments in a beautiful way but I had nowhere to put them.  I use social media however when it comes to my children, I do not feel it is right to post anything about them. I think it is a violation no matter how difficult it is to resist showing off how proud I am as their mother.

LETSMEMO is taking a privacy-by-design approach, with end-to-end encryption, so you can have fun and feel safe in your online private space.  We want you to build digital memories that are not monetised. Memories that are owned by the users.

No parent would intentionally compromise their child’s identity however today’s privacy concerns are real and will only increase in time so we are building something for all of you who want to continue to be content creators but are looking to do it in a safe way.
I hope you will join us on our new journey to create a new way to album.



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